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5 New Year’s resolutions for SMEs

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2017, and it’s bound to be a year full of new business opportunities for all SMEs. Have you thought of any New Year’s resolutions for your business yet? We’ve investigated online marketing trends for 2017, and are happy to show you some. Use these marketing tips wisely and your SME will surely thrive in the New Year!


1.Find and target your niche market

With the economy improving steadily, SMEs are likely to get more competition from other, new businesses in 2017, but the number of available consumers will largely stay the same. This means it’s even more important to find your niche market and target it. There are plenty of ways to have your content reach a specific audience, from your (eCommerce) website to social media and search engines.

Instead of focusing on a large mass of people, many of whom may not be interested in your product or service, try to aim for a narrower range of consumers and locations, and specify what you offer. For example: rather than describing your business as a “restaurant”, you could focus on terms like “Italian restaurant” or “family-friendly restaurant”. Your personalised marketing efforts will be more effective and your conversion rates are likely to increase.

2.Be more mobile-friendly

The inevitable happened in 2016: mobile overtook desktop as the primary device for accessing websites for the first time. As the market for smart mobile devices continues to grow, so does the importance of making sure your online marketing practices are mobile-friendly. Many businesses have already done it, but it remains highly recommended to have a responsive web design and email template – even if conversion rates on mobile devices will probably remain lower than desktop conversion rates.

Employing a multiplatform strategy ensures your target audience can find your website, your social media, and your products and services, wherever and whenever. Plus, Google is known to promote mobile-friendly websites when displaying search enquiry results for mobile users. As such, mobile-friendly content can make a significant change for your SME.


3.Keep your content concise

It may be a surprise to some, but online consumers generally do not have a very long attention span, and it has been predicted that internet users will be even less patient in 2017. That’s why we think it’ll be even more important that business owners learn how to keep their content concise.

Due to the internet’s continued growth, consumers are forced to skim through ‘white noise’: seemingly endless content that they are (or think they are) not interested in. People skim through articles and (blog) posts, trying to pin point if it’s worth reading the whole thing. Similarly, people encounter advertisements, commercials and advertorials, but determine within seconds what to do with them. In other words: concise content is key, so make sure your words count.

4.Show off your personality

Another result of business moving from the shops and offices to the internet is that it can create a distance between businesses and consumers. As the online market continues to grow, it’s important to distinguish yourself from your competitors. One of the ways to do so is by showing your personal side.

Invite consumers into your business by writing blogs, creating image and video content and talking to them via social media. It decreases the distance between you and your target audience, ensuring that they will remember your business as being more personal and customer-friendly than your competitors.

5.Invest in data visualisation

Do you need a little help with improving your online conversion rates, but you’re not sure in which areas your business falls short? Luckily, 2017 will see an increase and improvement in data visualisation tools. These programs can show:

  • The journeys visitors take when visiting your website
  • When, where and why they click on something
  • Who buys what, when, why and where

In the past, SME owners often struggled with data visualisation tools, finding out what exactly all the data means, but now that the software is becoming increasingly smarter and easier to use, it no longer takes an online data specialist to see what’s happening. Data visualisation tools are an extension to your online business, providing you with the facts and figures on what you’re doing well and what can be improved.


Ready for 2017?

That’s all for this week! We hope these tips inspire you, being an entrepreneur, to use your opportunities well and get the most out of 2017. Make sure to check back on our website soon for a brand-new blog post!

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