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5 Facebook business page tips: how to create engaging posts

Facebook marketing

Running a Page for your business on Facebook can be a tricky beast. Some people take to it like a duck to water and attract Likes and new customers weekly. Others are not so fortunate and treat their page largely like a neglected extension of their website.

The key to a successful Page is ultimately fairly simple: Facebook is a social network, and that is what people ultimately want: interaction and entertainment. So with that thought in mind, let us take you through 5 ways that you can be sociable and engaging for your future potential customers.

1. K.I.S.S: keep it short and sweet

Size matters: Facebook users have a distinctly “ tl;dr” approach when it comes to posts. The most popular length is 55-99 characters: that’s even shorter than Twitter’s maximum!


You can get away with 100-250 characters, but as this research from Simply Measured shows, you’re much better aiming for a quickie.


2. Say it with a picture

According to 2014 research from eMarketer, 87% of posts that people interact with are photos and graphics. Simply put, people prefer visual imagery over text. There’s a huge range of different types of picture you can post to satisfy that need, including:

  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Real-time photos
  • Motivational quotes

Ask your followers to supply a caption for a funny snap. That will encourage engagement and get people talking, all the while building brand trust. Speaking of which…

3. Talk with customers, not at them

In an ideal world your social media posts will lead to two-way conversations. Your customers will get to share their opinions with you while you get unique insights into what makes them tick.

What does that mean for your posts? Ask your customers for their opinions every once in a while. You can even make a game of it with an ever-popular “fill in the blanks” post.


“…the bathroom” What?!? I’ve been at my desk all morning!

4. Reward loyalty with special treatment

We all like to feel special. Give your followers an excuse to think you are literally the business by giving them unique promotional info, insider industry news, or – best of all – a special offer.

If you want to get a real idea of how your posts are working, attach a promotion code like “Awesome-ABC” in the example below. You’ll get an exact number of sales from the promotion to give you an idea of what’s bringing in customers.


5. Don’t forget the human touch

People don’t want to interact with a faceless corporate entity: they like the human touch. You’d be surprised by how successful a post about a staff member getting engaged or going on a sponsored run can be.

And this is also reflected by people’s reactions to emoticons. They’re not just for teenagers these days! Even the most dutiful Grammar Nazi has to admit that sometimes a piece of text can come across as aggressive or sarcastic without facial expressions or body language to accompany it. There’s even a meme about it:


Use a smiley and the emotional content is supplied right there on the screen. And that’s possibly why stats from social media commentators suggest that people interact more readily with an emoti-post:


Disclaimer – there’s an unspoken common-sense twist to this last tip that we should include to avoid lawsuits and spare you embarrassment. Please don’t use emoticons if you are making a serious announcement or breaking formal news. No amount of :( is likely to get your message over very well!

Have fun with it…

From small businesses to major brands, the best Pages that you’ll see in your Newsfeed are those that keep things friendly and light. The cream of the crop gets shared far and wide, but your main goal should just be keeping your followers happy.

If you can keep the five factors we mentioned in mind when you are making posts for your Facebook Page then you should hopefully see an increase in Likes, Shares, and Comments. And that means more people will think of you first when they need services like yours.

Happy posting!

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