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10 email newsletter ideas for small businesses

You’ve read our previous blog article on the anatomy of a successful email marketing campaign, and you want to get stuck right in it! You have a few subscribers, and now you need to write content. We will inspire you with 10 ideas for newsletter topics, and we’ll talk about the main do’s and don’ts for email newsletters.

Why should I send an email newsletter?

First, it’s important to research whether an email newsletter is relevant to your industry, because not all customers are interested in newsletters. Look at your competitors and businesses like yours; do they send out regular newsletters? Ask your customers if they would like to receive interesting information and special deals from you on a regular basis.

An email newsletter is a perfect addition to your other marketing efforts. It’s not meant for hard sales, but it is a perfect way to build customer relations, loyalty and to drive extra user engagement in your website. By keeping in touch with your customers and giving them interesting information, they are more likely to remain loyal and recommend your business to others.


Content ideas for your email newsletter

The most important thing is that your newsletter content is interesting, useful and most of all personal. We’re sure once you start brainstorming, you will think of great ideas for your newsletters. To help you on your way, here are some subjects to get you thinking on the right track:

  1. Exclusive offers or coupons for newsletter subscribers. This will make your customers feel special and appreciated.
  2. A fun giveaway or contest. Make it even more effective: ask your customers to share the contest on social media for a chance at winning.
  3. Your company’s story or an interview with an employee. Many customers love human interest stories, and if they know you better, it can improve customer loyalty.
  4. Answer questions about your products or services. For example, a plumber could advise on how to bleed a radiator, and a financial advisor could give tips on how to do taxes.
  5. Photos or videos showing how something is done or made. A pet groomer could show how they handle a challenging pet. If you make jewellery, you could show the creative process from start to finish.
  6. Case studies and success stories. Show off what you do best and give customers examples of your work. Make it personal and share how you overcame certain challenges.
  7. Customer or vendor spotlight. Think about what would likely interest your customers. A customer who designed a sustainable house which you’re now building, or a little story on the small farmer in the Highlands from whom you get your beef.
  8. Community projects or charities that you’ve been involved with. Share stories of how and where you have helped out others.
  9. New technologies, methods or products in your industry. Show off before and after pictures of a new hair dye technique, or inform customers that you’re using a more sustainable way of delivering products to them.
  10. A customer experience survey and the results. Ask readers to fill in the questionnaire, and then show off the results in your next newsletter. Not only will customers feel appreciated, you can gain powerful insights from the results.

The do’s and don’ts

Have a look at some important do’s and don’ts for your email newsletter.


Customer engagement and loyalty

We hope you have got some inspiration on what kind of topics you can include in your email newsletters. Remember that email newsletters are a perfect way to engage customers and grow their loyalty to your brand. Until next time!

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